The Price of Male Heterosexual Privilege for Heterosexual Men

Note: Obviously, systems of privilege are most harmful to the people oppressed by them, and these lesson plans are in no way designed to diminish that.  It may be helpful to students, though, to see how even advantaged groups are harmed by these systems.


  • Understand that systems of male privilege take a toll not only on the underprivileged, but on the advantaged as well


“The Mask You Live In” documentary (the entire film is available on Netflix)

“Fatal Distraction: Manhood, Guns, and Violence” by Allan G Johnson

“How America’s Culture of Shame is a Killer for Boys” at the Good Men Project

“48 Things Men Hear in a Lifetime (That Are Bad for Everyone)” (on YouTube)


  1. Show and then debrief any of these materials to help students understand how Male Privilege is detrimental to men.