The materials on this site are designed to be used in a variety of ways; many of these lesson plans can be used as single, standalone classes.  If you have the time, though, we’d recommend completing the entire scope and sequence in this way:



Concept Activities/Materials


Day 1

Social vs Personal Identities The Bear that Wasn’t / 5 Words Project Debrief 50-70 minutes
Day 2 Social Constructs Jane Elliott Video

40-70 minutes

Day 3

Privilege Fish Cartoons / Privilege Ladders / Allan Johnson essay

50-70 minutes

Day 4

Race Defining Race / Beyonce thought experiment 10-50 minutes
Day 5 White Privilege Peggy McIntosh exercise(s) / Examples of white privilege

50-70 minutes

Day 6

Gender Defining Gender / Collage / Children’s books 50 minutes
Day 7 Cisgender Privilege “Crossing the Gender Line”

30-50 minutes

Day 8

Male Privilege Lists of Male Privileges 30-50 minutes
Day 9 Rape Culture Silent conversation around Rape Culture document

70 minutes

Day 10

Heterosexism “Coming Out Story” / GLSEN School Climate Survey 50 minutes
Day 11 Understanding Social Class Class Checklist

50 minutes

Day 12

Class and Privilege Class Cartoon / NY Times Graphic

50 minutes

Day 13

The Price of Class Privilege The Price of Privilege 50 minutes
Day 14 The Price of Gender Privilege Male/Heterosexual Privilege Materials

50 minutes

Day 15

The Price of White Privilege White Privilege Articles 30 minutes
Day 16 What Can I Do? Resources

50 minutes